Tag Heuer Carrera wrist watch OBJ
Electric toothbrush OBK
1 x 2 meter Roll-up trade show display OBJ
Standing display flag OBJ
Wood coat-hanger OBJ
3 x 3 Wooden pallet OBJ
Hair brush and comp OBJ
Hair brush and comp OBJ
Comp OBJ
Comp OBJ
Hair brush OBJ
Hair brush OBJ
A4 Document, Spread, Page OBJ
Business card stack, Business card (Euro "Moo" size format) OBJ
5 x 7 inch Card OBJ
Square crush-bottom box OBJ
Aviator Sunglasses OBJ
Phillips Head Screw Driver OBJ
Plain-bench OBJ
LED Light-bulb OBJ
Jar, Lid, Fill OBJ
Espresso cup, Coffee OBJ
Cosmetic pump bottle OBJ
Coffee can OBJ
Espresso coffee tamper OBJ
Sharpie felt pen OBJ
AA, AAA, 2032 Batteries OBJ
3.5oz Aerosol OBJ
Safety Razor Blade OBJ
Phone tripod mount OBJ
Phone tripod mount OBJ (alternate view)
Bottle OBJ
Lupe OBJ
Vinyl record OBJ
Vinyl record with sleeve and jacket OBJ
These 3D models have been created with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Dimensions primarily for use in Adobe Dimensions. Most include the materials in a separate folder in the zip download. It is our experience when these models are imported into Adobe Dimensions the material application is automatic, though material sizing usually needs editing. If you are using these models in other 3D applications you may need to both customize and re-apply the materials, or discard and use your own materials.
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