Where Inspiration Meets Excellence
de Tonssk & Lane provides comprehensive services in art, animation and design, including assistance with concept and copy, across all print and digital platforms.

Our work ranges from print – such as ads, promos & brochures, to corporate identity – such as logos, branding & packaging, to digital media – such as websites, animated web ads and multimedia and video presentations. We can create 2D Adobe Character Animator characters, flat graphic animated info graphics, film titling and movie credits.

With over 30 years of experience, de Tonssk & Lane's clients include businesses in the United States (NY, NJ, PA, CA, UT), Australia and Asia, across the financial, legal, public relations, entertainment, real estate, agricultural and pharmaceutical industries.

Over the years, we have collected a tremendous library of fonts, royalty free images and photography, which we own, and we are linked to an extensive, global network of talent that we tap on a contract basis when needed. Our network includes programmers, SEO experts, photographers, illustrators, writers, filmmakers, public image and marketing specialists and other creative professionals.

What distinguishes us in today's economy is that we have a wealth of experience, skills and resources without large and unnecessary overheads. We operate on a contract basis and deliver world class results without the price tag of larger agencies.

At de Tonssk & Lane, we are passionate about our work, and we are committed to excellence for the sake of excellence. Based in New York City, de Tonssk & Lane is where inspiration meets excellence – a team that delivers dynamic, world-class and cost effective solutions for the creative needs of today's businesses.
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